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MSCE Technical company was established in 2010. The main team is composed by Saliagkopoulos Kostas Mechanical Engineer, Maniatis Ilias Electrical Engineer, Kouinis John Mechanical Engineer, Plessas Nikos Mechanical Engineer and other permanent collaborators Engineers.

The company is registered in the Commercial & Industrial Chamber ACCI and the Technical Chamber of Greece TEE. The members of the company in cooperation with each other as partner have developed and participated in the drafting of design and construction, in numerous private and public projects. Every member of the design team has paint great experience through his participation in major projects that have been constructed in Greece.

Buildings & Infrastructure
Electromechanical Studies supervision and consulting services for
  • building projects
  • highways
  • ports
  • airports
  • container terminals
Hydraulic infrastructures Studies supervision and consulting services such as
  • water pumping stations
  • urban drainage and irrigation of wider areas
  • water treatment plants
  • wastewater treatment plants (biological)
  • water reservoirs (dams)
  • water distribution control

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The company’s main guiding principle is to apply to projects involving all local and international standards, but always taking into account in the design techno-economic criteria.

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The company’s aim is the continuous improvement of service and constant development in the field of electromechanical installations.


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