Upgrade and expansion of Hotel Xenia in Skiathos

The project involves the rehabilitation of the existing hotel Xenia and its expansion with the construction of new buildings.
The building is located in “Hypsoma” on the west side of Koukounaries Bay.  It is built at an altitude of about +20.00 m above sea in a location with a spectacular view to the nature  and the beach.
The Electromechanical installations of the project are important, since there is a requirement for significant energy savingwith the least possible interference. The latest has been achieved by selecting the most modern technologies regarding HVAC systems hot water production and building management systems.

Low operating cost, high-level benefits
The HVAC system for the building of Xenia will be processed through geothermal heat pump, which gives additionally  the possibility of preparing hot water through heat recovery technology. This allows, especially during the summer months andcombined with the solar panels installation,  the production of hot water  with almost zero energy consumption.

Hotel of the Future
The hotel is implementing the latests systems ofintelligent management. The rooms’ management is processed via  a smart controller, which operates  even via smart phones or tablets. Through this application, the user has  access to all the hotel services, since the controller  informs directly the central management with the customer’s wishes and needswithout losing time. Via presence detectors, the system recognizes, taking into account other parameters, whether the room is empty and informs immediatelythe central management to arrange hotel staff to clean the rooms. This information regarding the room situation is also received  by the central management system in order to adapt accordingly the operation of the air conditioning for maximum saving.