Patisserie building in Nea Ionia

The project involved the construction of a  1000sqm Patisserie  building with laboratories.

On the ground floor there is a sales and workshop section. On floors A and B we have developed the laboratories and in floor C the offices of the company.

In the building, there have implemented modern solutions for centralized management of all facilities of the building through KNX  and PLC automation systems.
The HVAC  of the building is a VRV system from DAIKIN. In the laboratories the air quality is continuous monitored based on the strictest standards.

The construction started in January 2013 and was completed in October 2014. Our company developed the study and had the full supervision of the E / M installations with daily presence resulting in the exact implementation of the study. In the phase of the building’s, operation all solutions that were designed based on the specific requirements of the owners were confirmed.

According to the basic requirement  the building should combine ideal working conditions with fully automated facilities but simple in everyday use. The project was successful, as production has been increased to the maximum while  costs have been reduced.