PCT Piraeus container terminal

This is one of the most significant investments ever made in Greece. An investment that set Piraeus the 3rd biggest container port in the Mediterranean and the 10th in Europe.
The construction was done in three phases. Initially the restoration of the existing pier II then the construction of the new pier III and in the third stage the extension of pier III with the construction of the western part. Our company engaged with E /M installations of the project facilities as  a member of a highly specialized team of engineers and manufacturers which were under the guidance of the technical advisor of the PCT  J / V Domos Consulting Engineers – Feron Techniki.

The port that never stops
The biggest challenge, the team had to face, was that we had to find a way in order the port to keep on functioning  during the restoration phase of Pier II. It was a difficult exercise and full of imponderable factors, but the goal was achieved by acting methodically and paying attention to all details. This achievement combined with excellent technical solutions reinforced the confidence of PCT for the whole group.

Demanding solutions
The control of the construction cost of the E / M installations of such a project, was a very big challenge for us and the requirement was clear, “low cost, seamless operation.” The right design and smart solutions in combination with high expertize made the difference, with no compromises on quality and safety, finally the desired result was achieved.
This work was based on the excellent cooperation of all members; PCT, the consultant, associates, engineers and project manufacturer, resulting in the construction of a very important project for Greece and reinforcing the reliability and technical skills of the team of engineers and technicians.