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What we do

The design the management and the consultancy services form the core of what we do. Creativity, ingenuity and technology for the human and the environment are key components of our philosophy.

How we do it

The team makes the difference. Teamwork, the creative cooperation for the sake of the project and the fact that each one of us is an important cog in the team’s operation is our principals. Each team member is specialized in one area but also has expertize beyond his own specialization, as the different point of view may eventually give the solution.

Our weapons

The use of specialized software incorporating all European and international standards, constant updating and training in all the latest technology and use of 3D, 4D, 5D modeling systems is our main arsenal for creating quality projects .

Our Expertise

Buildings & Infrastructure

Electromechanical Studies supervision and consulting services for

  • building projects
  • highways
  • ports
  • airports
  • container terminals
Buildings & Infrastructure
buildings & infrastructure

Hydraulic infrastructures Studies supervision and consulting services such as

  • water pumping stations
  • urban drainage and irrigation of wider areas
  • water treatment plants
  • wastewater treatment plants (biological)
  • water reservoirs (dams)
  • water distribution control