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Design, management, and consulting services are at the core of our company's activities. Creativity, innovation, and technology for people and the environment are the main ingredients of our philosophy.

Our team makes the difference. Our philosophy is teamwork, with each of us being an important cog in the team's operation. Each member specializes in a specific area but also possesses knowledge beyond their specialization, contributing their perspective to proposed solutions.

The use of specialized software that incorporates all European and international standards, continuous updating and training on all the latest technological advancements, as well as design using 3D, 4D, 5D modeling systems, are our primary arsenal for creating quality projects.

Our specialization

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Our company specializes and is one of the leading firms in the design of electromechanical installations for construction projects, offering...
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Our company has significant experience in the design of E/M installations in road construction projects...
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Having extensive experience in the field of port design, we provide specialized E/M facility design services to create high quality...